What is Spirituality?

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Since you are here, reading this article, you’re either spiritually ‘oriented’ or are at least curious about it. For those whose curiosity is getting the best of them, let me shed some light on what spirituality really is.

So, what IS this illusive thing that people go looking for called Spirituality? 
Well, Spirit is a life force, it’s the vital energy that makes us alive, it’s the spark of the Divine Source that is in every living thing. Spirit has consciousness of it’s own. We are all uniquely distinctive souls but the one commonality we all share is the spiritual force. Confused? Well, envision it this way: Imagine an automobile of your choice. The outside shell of the car is your physical body; the driver is your soul that steers the vehicle in different directions; and the gas that fuels the vehicle is your spirit

By the very fact that we are alive, we are already spiritual; we do not have to go looking for it.

How many times have you said “I have this hunch”, or “I have a strong gut feeling”, (don’t deny it, you know you have). It’s the ‘knowing’ we all have but refuse to listen to, only to hear ourselves say ‘I knew it’ when it’s too late. No, it’s not your gut talking to you (unless of course you have a talking gut, in which case I want to interview you), no, it’s your intuition. Your intuition is how our soul communicates with us.

If we are already spiritual, why then do so many people spend a lifetime looking for spirituality and they never find it? You cannot find what is not lost or already is. What these people are really looking for is spiritual awareness, an awareness of that which gives us life and mobility; an awareness of self. When you become aware of your intuition, you are aware of your spiritual self. You can deny it all you want, it’s there regardless. Your spiritual awareness begins when you decide it does. We are all spiritual beings in a physical body. Your spiritual awareness can be developed consciously but your spirit is already complete as is. 

You will not find your spirituality in Tibet or high on the mountain or in the hut of some spiritual guru. There is no place to look for it, because you are already there. The awareness of spirituality comes with the desire to be spiritually aware. Once you decide that it is what you want, all of a sudden opportunities will come to you to learn more about it. So, if all of a sudden you find yourself interested in spiritual material like books, authors, etc., congratulations, you are communicating with your soul!

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