“After only 5 sessions, Hypnotherapy with Joanna helped me to unlock the secrets of my inner self to find my own unique answers to questions that had me spinning in circles for most of my life. If you have tried many different modes of therapy and counsellors and are still hitting the same old road blocks, hypnotherapy can actually move you forward. Joanna’s gift offers a skillful, professional and safe environment in which to gently bring empathic healing to the core of your deepest emotional and spiritual self that is life-altering.”

Sharan – Ph.D.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your help last night. I can’t say enough thanks to describe my true appreciation. It was an amazing experience for me and I am so happy that you were a huge part of my inner self unveiling. I feel calm, full of light and I know that I am on the right path now. Just the beginning of the road full of something very important and exiting.

Elena S.

“Hi Joanna, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how things have been going since our hypnotherapy session. Wow…Is all I can say…since our session and the release of those old emotions and blocks that we discovered, my life has completely changed…I have moved forward in my healing practice as well as in my personal healing and growth, I have since I saw you, manifested several interesting business opportunities as well as much needed physical body therapy that has continued to work where you and I left off. My body is now in alignment and I move through life with a fluidity that is just awe inspiring to say the least. I found you very professional and knowledgeable and at the same time, calming, caring and compassionate. I found my hypnotherapy session very relaxing in a life altering sort of way of course! What I mean to say is that when I was under “the trance” so to speak…I was completely cognizant of all that was going on and was not aware that I would be so aware during the whole process….I loved that! I am ever so very grateful that you and I connected and that we were able to work together to bring about such recognizable and concrete results for my growth and evolution.

Thank you for taking the time to work with me. I know that you will continue to assist and inspire the masses with life changing results as you have already been doing.”

Anita Hafner – RHP

“It only takes moments in Joanna’s presence to feel what I like to call “The Goose Bump Effect”. When someone touches you with such strength and power it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up yet, you are so calmed and warmed by the gentility this person houses that you feel ‘The Goose Bump Effect’. Joanna has a natural ability to calm and warm you from the inside out. When you combine this with her experience and training you are given the opportunity to HEAL with a fantastic Hypnotherapist. Thank you so much Joanna for all you have done for me and continue to do…”

Christine Vander Kooi

“I met Joanna at a very tough time in my life emotionally. I had recently lost my aunt to cancer and had my second child as was going through post partum depression. Like most people I was very sceptical at first but I was also desperate to feel better and wanted to try anything that might work. Well my sessions with Joanna changed my outlook and helped me through one of the toughest times in my life. Joanna is someone who takes her work very seriously and genuinely cares about people. I had nothing but great results, the only downside to my sessions is that they came to an end. Be open minded and the results you get will amaze you.”

Louisa Baker

“I have been a client for at least a few months for stress. I was under a huge stress factor from many sources and I could not reduce my anxiety to heal and get better. I tried all sorts of methods. After a small number of sessions with Hypnotherapy I now feel much better and I am ready to start healing. I no longer feel I am running at a hundred and ten percent. Thank you Joanna for your help.”

Mike W

“When I first heard of Hypnotherapy I thought Mmmm a gimmick, but because I knew Joanna I thought I’ll try it. Well Joanna is amazing, a natural talent. My first session was just to feel good and feel good about myself, I had no idea what was in store for me. I felt great for weeks, elated, in control and a magnet for positive opportunities. After the first session I trusted the process of hypnotherapy and Joanna’s talent and began to work on “weeds” that were deeply rooted from childhood. I am presently launching a new business and the solidness that I have gained from Joanna has helped me ten fold to accomplish my goals, live a balanced life, and recognize the persistent weeds that need to be addressed. Joanna has not only the talent to work with the process of Hypnotherapy but has the genuine dedication to make me as a client trust and open up to her.”


“I was at the lowest point in my life, and had been reaching out for help longer than I could remember. I had been seeing a registered counsellor, but wasn’t seeing any results. When Joanna explained how hypnotherapy works, I was intrigued by the process, but moreso by her passion for helping others which clearly came across. 6 months later I booked my first hypnotherapy session. The concept of getting right to the root of the problem by working with the subconscious, and only needing a few sessions appealed to me. The results for me have been immediate and lasting…it worked even though I thought I couldn’t be hypnotized. I have been telling my friends about her ever since.”


“Not only has my hypnotherapy been successful, I also appreciated Joanna’s honest, non- judgmental and warm approach. The interactive aspect of the hypnotherapy was new to me, and there was a spiritual aspect to the process with Joanna, which enhanced my success well beyond what I anticipated. I have attempted hypnosis as treatment before, but it was not effective, cost much more and did not have the personal and tailored approach that Joanna offers. I would not hesitate to recommend Joanna to anyone.”

Lindsey M.